Partner with us and start offering your clients a new powerful communication channel with greater reach and availability than text-SMS.

We can deliver Voice-SMS cost efficiently worldwide and you can easily integrate your existing service to our HTTP-interface.

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Discover the possibilities with Voice-SMS for free in our demonstration service.

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Using Voice-SMS is easy and you can almost reach the the whole world. You can include Voice-SMS swiftly in your services and applications by connecting to our HTTP interface.

Receiving a Voice-SMS is as easy as answering a normal phone call. A Voice-SMS is a regular phone call. As soon as you have answered the message will be played to you. In case you don't answer, we will call you again in a while.


You can easily start sending Voice-SMS by connecting to our HTTP interface. Contact us for information about how to get started.


We can deliver Voice-SMS to more or less all fixed and mobile phones in the world. Please contact us if you have a request for a specific country or network.


You decide when the message should be delivered, either immediately or at some other time in the future. You can also decided how many delivery attempts should be done, in case there is no answer, and how long time we should wait between each delivery attempts. It is also possible for you to decide between which times we should try to deliver the message, for instance 09:00-21:30. Outside this time period no delivery attempts will be made.

Status Reports

We can deliver Voice-SMS status reports to you for all sent messages via our HTTP interface. This allows you to see when the message was delivered and, if used, feedback from the receiver or why we were not able to deliver the message. We can also deliver a detailed report after a campaign has finished for marketing, surveys and other types of similar services.


A Voice-SMS works just as any normal phone call. Your phone rings - and when you answer the message is played for you. If you don't answer we will call again after a given time has passed.


A Voice-SMS consists of a combination of:

  • Text. Text in the message is read by a text to speech voice. We have over 40 different voices which can read text in 20 different languages, including British English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Sound. Any pre-recorded sounds including voice, music and sound effects.
  • Interactivity. The receiver of the message can for instance make selections, confirm that the message has been understood or answer multiple choice questions by using the phone keypad. All input from the receiver can be reported back to the sender, either immediately via a standard interface or as part of report for all sent messages.

Caller Line Identity (CLI)

CLI is the phone number which is presented by the receiver's caller ID display (given that caller ID is supported). In our premium services it possible to set this to any phone number of your choice. For instance your switchboard number or a dedicated dial in phone number which is connected to the Voice-SMS content.

Repeat the message

If activated, the receiver can easily repeat the message by pushing a key on the phone.

Hello and bye message

Any pre-recorded sound can be played at the start and end of all your messages. For instance, a nice voice which tells the receiver that he has got a new voice-SMS from your company and then a 'thank you and goodbye' message at the end.


What happens if the receiver does not answer when you dial?

If the recieving phone is busy or there is no answer we can do repeated delivery attempts. You decide how long time we should wait between each delivery attempt.

What if the receiver can't understand parts of the Voice-SMS message?

All Voice-SMS can be sent with a 'repeat message' functionality. At the end of the message the receiver then gets the option to "Please press 1 to repeat this message...".

Do you provide dial-in services?

Yes, we also provide tailor made dial-in services which can have a dedicated phone number for you and include interactivity. Please contact us for more information.

What is Text to Speech (TTS)

Text to Speech converts normal language text into speech.

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